World Central Kitchen distributes food to the Bahamas

People standing in line getting food.
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BAHAMAS (CNN) -- After Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas, the islands are still recovering.

World Central Kitchen is in the Bahamas with food, water, kitchen supplies and volunteers to help those devastated by the hurricane.

World Central Kitchen has previously helped with food-relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters such as in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Other relief efforts have been made by companies such as the Royal Caribbean cruise line.

A Royal Caribbean ship dropped off pallets of water, thousands of meals and other supplies to a region that was devastated by the Category 5 storm.

“We’re with you Bahamas. In the wake of Dorian, we’re mobilizing our fleet to help those who need it,” the cruise line said on Twitter.

Royal Caribbean also announced a $1 million disaster-relief program. The cruise line will match donated funds up to $500,000.

The Deputy Director General of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, Ellison Thompson, said that one of the best ways to help the Bahamas is to continue to support it's tourism industry.

Some of the best-known resorts in the 700-island chain, like Atlantis and Paradise Island, were unscathed by the monster storm.

So was Nassau, the largest city.

The skies may be clear now, but the destruction on the ground is overwhelming.

Homes have been leveled, streets completely wiped away as if they were never there, and debris everywhere.

Officials say 43 people have died due to the storm, but that number is expected to rise drastically.

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