Workers find squirrels in new vehicle

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KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) -- Auto workers were in for surprise when they found three red squirles in the most random place.

The discovery was made at a Seeley Plant in Kalamazoo.

Employees there found and pulled the little critters out of an intake system of a brand new vehicle.

They then called a wildlife rehabilitator and got some Pedialyte to keep the babies hydrated.

The rehabilitator thanks the workers for their discovery. "It was important for them to find them when they did because they needed heat," said Elizabeth Osborne, Wildlife Rehabilitator. "They were ice cold when they found them so they were able to put them on heat."

Unfortunately, one of the baby squirrels did not survive.

But, we're told the other two are doing well and will be re-introduced to the wild once they recover and adapt to Michigan weather.