Woman taken off life support survives

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STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WILX) - A Michigan woman surprised her doctors after she was taken off life support she'd been on for three weeks and survived.

Karl Deleeuw still marvels at everything that has gone on since he called Sterling Heights 911 in August.

His wife Michele was having a heart attack and she wasn't breathing.

Karl didn't know CPR but the 911 operator coached him through it all, providing life-saving actions that gave her a chance to survive.

Sterling Heights paramedics revived her multiple times on the way to the hospital. Still she was unconscious and remained so for three weeks. Doctors advised taking her off life support. Days later, Michele opened her eyes.

Michele made full recovery against all odds.

The paramedics who answered that 911 call presented her with with a survivor coin, a token of the bond she shares with her husband and her rescuers.