Woman searches for answers after finding ceramic head in Grand River

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DIMONDALE, MI (WILX) -- Imagine walking along a river and peering into the water, only to see a pair of eyes peering back at you.

A close-up of the ceramic head after it was pulled out of the Grand River (source, WILX).

A local woman recently experienced that.

Tricia Eddy was walking along the Grand River when she saw the face staring up at her. She says at first she thought her mind was playing tricks on her....and it looked alive.

"We just came over here and it was kind of just sitting right here."

At the bottom of a river, is the last place you expect to see someone...or something staring back at you.

"There was a face...and I was like no way," Eddy said.

Eddy was there for her daughter's senior pictures and was also reminiscing about her husband who died earlier this year.

"I was upset a little bit. My husband had passed away in January. We just came up to the river and I was explaining to my mother in law that I remember Justin calling me and telling me that he was going to swim across the river," she said.

After looking for a little, she decided to see for herself and got in the water to feel it. She discovered it was stone, and then a man offered to get it out of the water for her. When it was out of the river, she was even more confused.

"And he pulls out this thing that looks like a Shrek, or a Buddha, or the Goonies sloth. I don't know but it's very heavy and made out of ceramic....it's definitely not a real head," Eddy laughed.

Eddy posted about the find on Facebook, stumping dozens of more people. She says she doesn't know who--or where it came from, and no one else seems to know either.

"Mysterious things do appear and do happen," she said.

Eddy tells isn't sure what she is going to do with the ceramic face. She says she hopes someone will see it and come forward.

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