Woman saved after going into cardiac arrest

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Everyday people have heart attacks and some go into cardiac arrest.

Sometimes people don't even know that the symptoms they are experiencing are related to a heart attack.

That was the case for Carole Custer. She was experiencing pain in her arms that she thought was due to her arthritis. She also experienced vomiting and nausea.

Her grandson was with her at her house at the time and called 9/11.
"The first responder came and he said how come you didn't call 911? And I said, I don't know why. He said lady you're having a heart attack," said Custer.

Tonight on News 10 at six, WILX Rachael Schuit will have this woman's story of being saved as well as what it was like for first responders to be able to save a life.