Wolverine fan at home in enemy territory

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- Wolverines are known to do some crazy things in enemy territory. Linebacker Joe Bolden throwing a spike into the turf at spartan stadium in 2014. Or even devin bush tearing up the logo at midfield just four years later.

A University of Michigan fan had her house painted Maize and Blue years ago, despite living in Spartan Country.

But painting your house maize and blue? Only a die-hard Michigan fan would do that.

"If we were all the same it would be a dull world."

Back in 2011, Kay Howse thought her world was a bit dull...

"My dad was a big michigan fan so that's where it all started."

She hired someone she met at a restaurant to paint the inside of her porch and not long after that, the outside was painted as well.

Since then, "The big howse" has been the talk of the corner of cavanaugh and southgate and even beyond.

"I had people stop in from California and want to take a picture of it. People honk all the time and I'll go 'go blue!'"

"Everyone thinks I spelled it wrong, but that was my husband's last name because he's German. That way they can't get me for their trademark."

Howse says being in enemy territory doesn't always go off without a hitch.

"They put a big 's' on it and it didn't come off. A nice state fan stopped by and tried to fix it for me. They put a hole in my wolverine so he's not up anymore but that's alright. You roll with the flow."

She told News 10 she's looking for a replacement and any other Michigan gear.

If anyone's got anything they want to add...Bring it over!

Howse says her favorite part of the rivalry...Is the week leading up to the big game.

They get all hyped up...And the things they do...It's the challenge of the game. Lansing wouldn't have anything to look forward to if it wasn't for michigan.