Local businesses are feeling winter's impact

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 6:20 PM EST
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When the weather gets bad, or when there's too much snow on the ground, it can cause a rift in how some businesses make money.

If you're planning for a dinner date tonight, but can't make it in this nasty weather, you're more likely to cook something at home than spend money elsewhere.

On the other hand, this weather can be better for snow removal companies, towing services and other businesses that make their money by helping residents and businesses in the snowy weather.

Some businesses struggle in this weather but, most of the time, they can make up lost business within a few days.

"I think people in Michigan are actually pretty hardy; we get through stuff like this,” said Patrick Anderson of Anderson Economic Group. “Yes, every once in a while, we lose a couple of days working and that hurts the employers and employees, but we'll get through this."

Anderson says that this weather might set the economy back a day or two, but it's nothing that Lansing or the state of Michigan won't be able to handle.