Winter storm on the way

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- We are under a weather authority alert Monday night.

Much of the state, especially Grand Rapids, is getting ready for round two.

Consumers Energy said on Monday they're bringing more than 100 out-of-state crews in to get ahead of the storm that's moving in overnight.

It comes as West Michigan is still reeling from last week's storm.

News 10 is closely tracking the storm, which is inching its way toward Michigan Monday evening, and more snow and ice are in the forecast.

This storm has more potential to it since it will be more than just ice.

News 10 has reported before but it's a good reminder, that winter storms like this one are known as "deceptive killers."

The majority of deaths caused by winter storms are from car crashes due to ice and snow. The other big concern is heart attacks from clearing snow before and after the storm. It's also when the more dangerous injuries like frostbite and hypothermia happen.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is also a concern when using portable generators indoors, or even when starting your car and not having your tailpipe cleared out.