Who is already ahead in 2020 race?

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CNN, (WILX) - A new poll shows recognition is the name of the game right now for the 2020 democratic primary except for one rising star.

Among two dozen possible candidates, practically all have embraced universal health care in one form or another. Some have rallied behind free college, job guarantee programs, a $15 minimum wage and abolishing - or at least reconstituting - the federal agency that enforces immigration laws. Courtesy: MGN Online (Photo: Elizabeth Warren / warren.senate.gov Photo: Kamala Harris / YouTube Photo: Kirsten Gillibrand / secure.kirstengillibrand.com Photo: Tulsi Gabbard / tulsi2020.com Photo: Richard Ojeda / voteojeda.com Photo: John Delaney / johnkdelaney.com Photo: Andrew Yang / yang2020.com Photo: Julian Castro / julianforthefuture.com)

Numbers from the Monmouth University national poll find Joe Biden leading the pack with 29% of the likely vote.

Bernie sanders is in second at 16% and coming in third is newcomer Kamala Harris.

She has climbed to 11% after announcing her candidacy last month.

Two months ago, the junior senator was unknown to most voters outside California.

A CNN poll found just 4% of respondents planned to vote for her.

During the same time period, Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren have not markedly improved their standings.

Neither Biden nor Sanders have formally announced they will run in the race.

That makes Harris the top confirmed candidate in the primary.