Whitmer threatens car insurance bill veto

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LANSING, MI ( WILX) -- Michigan drivers pay the highest car insurance rates in the country.

The good news is that everyone at the Capitol agrees we need to fix this, the bad news is nobody can agree how.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has threatened to veto two different bills passed by the house and senate.

The bottom line is she doesn't think house republicans did their job, and says Michigan’s new auto insurance bill will have to look a lot different before she signs it.

"We sign bills where people work together. We give each other notice. They had the opportunity to contribute and negotiate and make sure that these bills really reflect the goals that they stated. That's not been the case on the no-fault reform," Governor Whitmer said.

She’s worried that the bill doesn't guarantee lower insurance rates for drivers.

Republicans say they've done all they can at this point.

"When you read the bill, you'll see that there are guaranteed rate reductions in the bill," said House Speaker Lee Chatfield. "There's some confusion, because we have given them everything that they've asked for."

Governor Whitmer says she's only going to sign a bill that protects Michigan drivers, and that this edition, doesn't cut it. She says that she's done playing games.

"I'm only interested in signing a bill that provides strong consumer protections and immediate financial relief. In their current form, neither bill lives up to any of those standards," she said.

She says she's open to discussions, and both parties agree something needs to be done.

We're going to continue to have conversations confidentially and find a way to find some consensus on this issue. It's important to deliver this. It's an issue that's non-partisan, the single largest issue that's burdening our residents with high costs, and it's important that we give them real relief," said Chatfield.

Governor Whitmer gave the republicans an ultimatum.

"They can either negotiate in good faith, or send a good bill that actually protects consumers...or they can send one of the current bills to me that fails to protect Michigan drivers, and we can start all over again."

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