Joggers help man impaled by tree stump near Michigan State's campus

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EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) -- What would you do if you found someone impaled on a tree stump?

Joggers (from l-r) Nisia Tebbe and Cindy Eisler where able to save a man impaled on a tree in E. Lansing on Saturday, July 13, 2019.

That’s the question four joggers faced when they found a person in that exact situation.

The site where this incident occurred was on the Lansing River Trail in a dense, thick pocket full of trees.

Emergency responders had to climb through the fence nearby to rescue the 37-year-old man.

According to authorities, the man was lying in need of help for 14 hours before the four women were able to help save him.

Two of the women are Cindy Eisler and Nisia Tebbe.

On Saturday morning, they woke up, met with friends, and did what they typically do on Saturdays.

"We run often together and we met up 6 am for an early morning run and so we were coming back this way and we were just finishing up the last part of our run," said Eisler.

Tebbe says they heard something coming from the other side of the fence as they ran near the corner of Kalamazoo St. and Marigold Ave.

"We heard someone calling back in the woods,” said Tebbe.

She added, “We weren't sure what they were saying at first but then we stopped and we listened for a bit and we heard him asking for help.

So, we ask him, do you want us to call 9-1-1? And he was like, yes, as far as we could tell."

Michigan State University Police say the man fell from a tree hours earlier and got impaled on the stump.

The women say they like to switch it up- running in different locations each week.

But the women believe running the Lansing River Trail that day happened for a reason.

"I feel like we were at the right place at the right time and I feel so thankful that we were here," says Eisler.

While Tebbe notes, "He started fading out after a while. Another group came while we were waiting for the first responders to come and luckily two of them volunteered to go in."

The women say multiple people nearby helped out and they're just happy the man will be okay.

The women are hoping this story helps convince people to resist the bystander effect and to take action when people need help.

The man who got impaled on the stump is recovering at a hospital right now.

There is still no word on what he was doing in the tree in the first place.

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