What's Going Around: Strep Throat

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) Doctors in Mid-Michigan are seeing a lot of patients with strep throat.

Dr. Belinda Miller with Kids First Immediate Care in East Lansing says strep throat is the most common bacterial infection of the throat. Anyone can get strep, but it's most common in children from five to 15 years-old.

Symptoms include a sudden, severe sore throat, pain when swallowing, swollen lymph nodes, and a fever of more than 101 degrees. Anyone who has a sore throat accompanied by a fever should see a doctor right away.

If strep throat is confirmed by a test, it's easily treated with antibiotics. Dr. Miller also recommends gargling warm salt water to help reduce swelling.

The best way to keep yourself from getting strep throat is to avoid anyone who is infected, and wash your hands.

Dr. Miller says using a humidifier will help keep you more resistant to bacteria.