What to expect at Wednesday's State of the State Address

Lansing,MI (WILX) Governor Whitmer will deliver her second state of the state address Wednesday night, where there is sure to be one hot topic: roads.

State of the State Address - Jan. 29 @ 7pm

Michiganders will hear from Governor Whitmer at 7 p.m. for her second State of the State as Governor of Michigan.

Gov. Whitmer's office says she'll be discussing fundamental challenges in Michigan. She's expected to talk about a new study that the Michigan Senate just approved.

It's a bill that would require the state's transportation department to hire an outside firm to look into what would happen if tolls were added on state highways.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey says he thinks that tolling may work in some areas of Michigan, but is reminding people not to overreact to the possibilities, as it's still early on in the process.

The outside firm would have to put out a feasibility study and an implementation plan. That plan would be based on optimal tolling rates, vehicle counts and diverting traffic. The firm would also have to look into the economic impacts of the tolls and the ability to provide discounts to residents and instate commuters.

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