Weather conditions interrupt school count days

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MASON, Mich. (WILX) -- The day dedicated to tracking school attendance to determine school funding was Wednesday, but many schools had snow days.

Among those school districts was Mason.

"The weather has just not been very favorable for getting kids to school in the morning," Mason Public Schools Superintendent Ronald Drzewicki said.

Drzewicki said he doesn't know if this has ever happened to the district.

"I can't recall Mason have to experience that. Looking at and talking to our people that have been here a while, it's not happened before," he said.

Now the district has to apply for a different count day from the state.

Michigan's deputy superintendent says it'll be the next day school is in session. So, even if there are two snow days back to back, the first day back would be the new count day.

"It's pretty quick. It's an online application, one-page type thing, and they really specify why they couldn't have school that day and what day they want to use," Deputy Superintendent Kyle Guerrant said.

Several districts have applied to switch count days, hoping the weather cooperates.

"This is ... I don't know if it's a record, but it's certainly the most we've had in a very long time. We're doing our best to make that decision to cancel school wisely and with the safety of students in mind. We want them in school. Our teachers want them in school," Drzewicki said.

Drzewicki said he has been keeping in close contact with other schools that have had the same issues with the weather.

He also told News 10 that if they do have school tomorrow, the next count day should be tomorrow.

Schools have two count days during the school year: one in September and one in February. The bulk of per-pupil funding from the state is based on the September count.