Waterloo Farm and Dewey School House Museum fundraising to pay for pre-COVID projects

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 6:07 PM EDT
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The Waterloo Farm and Dewey School House Museum, normally focuses on the past, but now they are worried about their future.

Thursday, crews were hammering away on the Waterloo Farm roof to remove decaying shingles.

"This winter we noticed it was leaking and when we go to water proof the chimneys, it was like walking on potato chips," said Ron Kaiser, the chairman of the restoration and repair. "They would crack under your feet."

This week crews are replacing it with a new historical raised seamed roof.

"It goes way back, Thomas Jefferson at Monticello put on a roof like this," said Brian Dewey,the President Of Waterloo Historical Society.

This $40,000 project was approved before the pandemic hit.

But now staff are facing obstacles, including damage from Wednesday's storms.

"We came to the job site this morning and it was really like we were really living in the 1800's because there was no power," laughed Dewey.

And now a major financial obstacle lies ahead.

"Now we are wondering with how are we going to pay this back," said Dewey.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Waterloo Area Historical Society says they are losing thousands of dollars from cancelled events and school visits that would have helped pay for the roof.

"That whole income stream from those events this year ...$0," said Kaiser.

The Waterloo Area Historical Society is starting a 'buy a panel' fundraiser and go fund me that will help pay for the $40,000 loan.

"It's 176 years old this year, so we are just trying to keep that moving forward for the future generations," said Dewey.

As for reopening the Waterloo Farm and Dewey school museum for visitors, staff are working on how to welcome them back safely.

"We already have a plan in place and signage to follow whatever rules we have to."

Staff hopes the roof will be completed in the next couple of weeks, but will keep their fundraiser open until it is paid off.

for more information and how to donate to the Waterloo Farm and Dewey School Museum.