Water passed out to Flint residents should be poured out, church says

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Flint, MI (WILX) -- For Flint residents the water troubles don't seem to end.

People that picked up water from a Flint church are being told to pour it out after reports of the bottles smelling like mildew and mold.

At this point, the church is not entirely sure if all the bottled water handed out is bad.

But there are two brands they are urging people to throw out -- Niagra and Refreshe.

It was that smell and the countless calls of concerns that caused Pastor Daniel Moore at Flint's Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church to tell people to dump the water out.

Moore said that the 9,000 cases of bottled water the church received from a FEMA storage facility in Texas were not expired.

The expiration date on the bottles reads Jan. 27, of 2020, Moore said.

The church will be working with Kettering University and the local health department to have the water tested.

FEMA has not yet commented on the water concerns.

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