Water park to reopen after health scare

DUNDEE, Mich. (WILX) - Splash Universe, an indoor water park in Dundee in Monroe County, will be open again Monday, February 11, after the pool area had to be evacuated over the weekend because multiple people were getting sick. The incident happened Saturday night.

A staff member at Splash Universe says the release of a heavy ammonia component is to blame.

People at the park say they were having trouble breathing Saturday night. Many guests complained their eyes were burning and many started vomiting, causing mass panic. Some guests complained about skin irritation that felt like burning.

The pool was evacuated as a safety precaution and ambulances were on scene to treat people. Monroe County Dispatch has stated the burns were not significant.

A park employee says there was an equipment malfunction that resulted in the release of choloramine, a chemical that has a heavy ammonia component to it.

In a statement from a Splash Universe manager, the indoor water park says the chlorine levels in the pool were normal. They say when a complaint was made all proper procedures were followed by workers to address the issue.

Splash Universe has received permission to re-open.

The Dundee Fire Department did not give any additional information on the incident. There is no word yet on if state officials will open an investigation.

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