Watching You Wallet: Keep an eye out for fake job listings

Published: May. 13, 2020 at 5:12 PM EDT
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Scammers are taking advantage of people looking for work because of the pandemic. They are posting fake jobs not only wasting you valuable time but trying to steal you money.

A Virginia woman, Sandrine Morris, got on Indeed and started applying, two weeks later she got a message claiming to be from Alvogen Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey, saying she was shortlisted for an interview.

The interview was conducted online on Google Hangouts. She then got a letter after the interview saying she got the job and would be working from home.

They then sent her a check to buy a computer and software. They wanted her to deposit the check immediately, the check even came with a letter with detailed instructions, saying that it was mandatory that she send a copy of the deposit receipt.

That's when the red flags started going up. Sandrine went to her bank only to find out the check was fake.

A quick search of the BBB's scam tracker shows reports of 705 employment scams nationwide just in the last three months.

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