Walking for down syndrome awareness

Published: Apr. 2, 2017 at 2:22 PM EDT
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A Michigan couple is spreading awareness and honoring their son who had down syndrome with a walk.

It's 321 miles of walking for awareness, walking for those who are living and the ones who have passed on.

Kara and Andrew Yermak lives changed when they found out their son Jenson had down syndrome, and changed again when he died in August.

"I wanted to help others understand and raise awareness so that's why were holing this walk. The 321 miles we walk is dedicated to every person with down syndrome,"Kara Yermak said.

They, along with family, friends, and the community, will run and walk 321 miles throughout the state from now until June 30th.

This is also apart of their social media campaign on Facebook called "Honoring Jenson".

"Whoever donated becomes the smile sponsor, so um everyday we'll post pictures on Facebook, and it's become this thing where everybody enjoys seeing these pictures of children smiling along with the mile we are walking for them," she added.

Kara and Andrew said they're happy to have community support, and hope that this will change the way people look at down syndrome.