WATCH: Twin toddlers' all-night slumber party caught on nanny cam

Published: Mar. 20, 2017 at 8:26 AM EDT
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Ever wonder what happens when you flip off the lights and shut the door to your child's nursery each night? A couple in New York learned through a nanny cam what their two year old twin sons were up to.

The video from Jonathan and Susana Balkin's home shows their toddler sons, Andrew and Ryan having an all-night slumber party instead of sleeping. The boys climb out of their cribs in their bedroom and build pillow forts. The twins then do flips on the floor, and take little breaks on their couch where they appear to be engaged in some serious twin talk before getting back to flipping around.

Dad comes in and puts the boys back in their cribs, and cleans up the pillow fort. The minute Dad leaves, the twins are at it again. They climbed back out of their cribs and continued their slumber party. Dad comes back again- this time with reinforcements: Mom. Both parents clean up the room again and put the boys back to bed.

Andrew and Ryan wait until the coast is clear, and then climbed back out and sat on their couch to continue chatting. The video which is sped up, shows an entire night of activity between the two-year old twins. They eventually went to sleep later in the night.