Volunteers make Christmas dinner at local church

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- It's the season of giving and lots of people in Mid-Michigan are doing just that.

For people at St. Gerard's Church in Lansing, giving back has become a tradition for every holiday.

"I don't know, you just feel so good giving back. Especially on Christmas Day. There's a special feeling on Christmas day," volunteer Lucy Platte said.

For over 30 years, the church has been holding these holiday meals for people in need or people who want to spend Christmas with others.

"I like it and they come and get us. My husband has seizures so we can't drive no more, so they come and pick us up. It makes me feel good," Linda Lance said.

For others, volunteering at the events have become a Christmas Tradition. Willow Milstein said she has been coming every year since she was young. Today was her 12th year serving the community.

"It's really close to my heart and I know I want to do this forever and make my future children do this. It's just an amazing experience, all in general. To be able to give these people a warm feeling and a nice dinner, even when they are not able to, or something to give them during the holidays instead of being lonely," she said.

Regardless of what brings people to St. Gerard's, it's something everyone there is thankful to be a part of.

"Thank you. I tell them all thank you. They've done a very good job," Lance said.

The church has meals on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Anyone is welcome to volunteer, even if they aren't a member of the church.