Viral Video: Pitbull puppy cleans up after potty accident

Published: Dec. 2, 2016 at 8:56 AM EST
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A Pitbull puppy is going viral and it's all thanks to its ability to clean up after himself. Ever wished your pet would clean up its own mess? Meet Pablo, a 3-month old Pitbull.

Pablo belongs to a 21 year old Texas rapper who calls himself Billie bands. When he went out of town, Billie left Pablo at a friend's and Pablo had an accident on the bathroom floor. This is what his caretaker came home to a toilet paper-covered puddle.

Billie, whose real name is Acelin Hampton, posted the photo, tweeting "my dog Pablo (bleep) on the floor and tried to clean it up. Really can't even whoop his (bleep) for this one."

Actually, Billie says he never whoops his butt. That's just an expression.

Reporter: "you think Pablo went over to the toilet paper and unrolled it himself?"

Acelin Hampton: "Yes. Only because he's pretty smart."

The internet swooned over the ever-so-clean canine. Pablo had apparently absorbed a lesson watching Billie use paper towels to clean up after his pup.

Reporter: "He's a, he's a star now?"

Acelin Hampton: "Yeah, yeah he is. Girls messaging him, trying to match him up with their little puppies on little dates. Girls talking about hoping they can meet him someday and stuff like that. I'm just like… sighs."

The overshadowed rapper tweeted "Pablo about to blow up before me." now the Pitbull has his own twitter account, thanks to Billie.

We will never know if Pablo was trying to clean up his puddle or conceal it. But as one commenter noted "I know humans who don't even do that."