Video shows school bus aide slapping girl with autism in the face

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NEW LENOX, Ill.(WILX)- A school bus aide is caught on camera hitting an elementary student with autism. It happened in New Lenox, Illinois.

Surveillance from the incident on the school bus was turned over to the parents of the six year old girl. The bus aide is shown slapping Kayle Rushing twice across the face. "It just makes me want to cry to be honest with you. As a mom, just seeing that, it's disgusting," said Madeline Norley, Kayle's mother.

Staff members realized something was wrong when the aide carried Kayle off the bus. The girl's parents say they also knew something was wrong even before they were notified about what had happened on the bus. "When she got off the bus she was all clingy and you know mommy, mommy, and daddy, daddy" said Norley. Kayle's father, Nick Rushing says he is grateful to the school for taking action. "They could easily have swept it under the rug. You know, it's not very hard with an autistic child who's non-verbal." said Rushing.

The New Lenox School District contracts special education busing through an outside contractor. The district released a statement saying: "Student safety is our first priority and we expect any service the district contracts with to fully comply with this priority".

The aide has been removed from the school bus while police investigate. They are analyzing the video. No charges have yet been filed.