Veterinarian accused of shooting, killing neighbor's dog for barking too much

Published: Dec. 20, 2017 at 7:43 AM EST
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A veterinarian in Louisiana accused of shooting and killing her neighbor's dog is arrested and charged.

Kelly Folse, 35, was arrested on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, illegal discharge of a firearm and drug charges after police say they found narcotics meant for her animals in her home. Authorities say she shot and killed the dog named Bruizer because he barked too much.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto say the shooting happened last Wednesday. A relative found Bruizer wounded in the yard. "The dog was just shaken and in shock and still breathing and everything," said Mike Giangrosso. "He had his head up I thought there may have been a chance they could have saved him."

The wounded dog was taken to Abadie Veterinary Hospital, where Folse was employed as a veterinarian, officials said. The veterinarian who owns the hospital said the 15-month old dog was badly hurt. "Entrance wound was right in the back of his head exit wound was right through the eye," said Dr. Scott Abadie. Bruizer died the following day

Investigators say Folse lives next door, and was identified as a suspect because officials were told she had made numerous threats toward the dog, and sent angry text messages to Bruizer's owner about him barking too much.

Dr. Abadie said Folse worked at his hospital for years, starting out as an volunteer when she was just a teenager. She became a veterinarian seven years ago. She was not responsible for Bruizer's treatment.

When asked how she got a job at his animal hospital, Dr. Abadie said, "she never showed any signs of anything like that before." "We are just devastated by what happened I've been opened for 27 years. We've always done good quality veterinary medicine in a compassionate environment and my sympathies go out to the family of Bruzer because I know they are devastated." Folse was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. She was fired from the animal clinic.