Vehicles drive over barrier at southern border

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CNN) - The Department of Homeland Security is moving to speed up the replacement of a border barrier near San Diego.

The move came after officials said some vehicles apparently crashed through the existing fence this week.

"That type of fence, it's a piece of junk. It was a start, but it's easily cut. It's easily knocked down so easily climbed. So it's not very effective as a fence," said Chris Harris, retired Border Patrol officer.

A section of the wall in Campo was knocked down and run over.

According to the border chief, two cars allegedly came across and were never found.

"Now when they run a truck through, a vehicle through, that's not running illegal aliens, that's narcotics and a big one of choice. Now and I can't say for sure it was this, but it's fentanyl. We have an opioid crisis," said Harris.

Slowly but surely that old corrugated steel is being replaced.

Most of that was approved by President Obama.

He also approved money for another 2,000 agents, but it's been a real struggle to fill those spots.

"Law enforcement has been beaten up in the press. I know in the media you just can't miss it. They've been vilified, eviscerated. Why would you want to do that?" said Harris.