Unknown 'hero' helps catch purse snatcher

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EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) -- An elderly woman is looking for her mystery hero who chased down the man who stole her purse.

Police say this man, Ivan Shayne Rulison II snatched Otto's purse (source, ELPD).

Leslie Otto, known to her friends as Jojo, was at Sushiya in East Lansing on Saturday, enjoying her sushi, like any other day. That's when a man grabbed her purse and took off. The 84-year old wasn't sure what to do next until a good samaritan stepped in.

"And my back was to it so I didn't see him and suddenly he ran out, grabbed my purse, and ran off. And I said oh my god, my purse!"

Sitting just a few tables away on the patio, a man saw what happened.

"And he looked up, and he looked at me with the look of 'don't worry grandma, I'm gonna get him.' So he got up off his chair, and he was not a roly-poly, he was you know, ok. And he ran after him," Otto explained.

The man called police as he chased after the suspect. A few restaurants away down the street, Otto's friend, Jean Weir saw all the commotion and came to see what was going on.

"I walk a little farther and I see JoJo with her arms waving saying 'My purse! My purse!' and I thought 'Oh my god! That's Jojo.' And so I stopped and said she's going to need someone," Weir said.

Police say Ivan Shayne Rulison II was the culprit. He was quickly caught by police, thanks to the mystery man who made the call and kept his eyes on the suspect. Otto is beyond thankful.

"He's my hero. He didn't have to run. The purse snatcher could have had a gun on him...he risked his life for me."

Otto doesn't know the name of the man who helped retrieve her purse. She says she hopes he sees the story and comes forward.

Rulison was charged with one count of felony larceny from a person.

He was arrested by the East Lansing Police Department with help from MSU Police.

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