Underwater dance party is out of this world

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PADUA, Italy (WILX) -- If you're looking for something out of the ordinary to do, check this out.

A swimming pool in Italy was transformed into an underwater dance club last weekend.

Hundreds of music fans descended 137 feet underwater in the world's deepest swimming pool for the one-of-a-kind experience.

A DJ performed live from an underwater viewing tunnel, playing beats through a sub-aqua sound system.

Everyone in attendance wore diving helmets and turned the pool into a dance floor.

Organizers say it was the first event of its kind, leaving many of those to experience it in total awe.

"It was incredible. It looks like you were walking in a different planet. And there were so many swimmers and they made beautiful movements," one party-goer said.

"I was a bit scared. I was like can I breathe there? You know, do I have to bring anything? But it was amazing," said DJ Peggy Gou.

If you're looking to experience it yourself, then you can book yourself a trip to the diving center located in Padua, Italy.