Uncontested local races in Nov. 2018 election

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - News 10 is tracking election results from the Mid-Michigan counties of Ingham, Eaton, Jackson, Clinton, Hillsdale, Branch, Barry, Shiawassee and Calhoun. The following races are uncontested in those counties. For live results on election night, click here.

Ingham County
Dansville Village Clerk: Cheri Michalewicz
Dansville Village President: Carole Colburn
Ingham County Commissioner, District 13: Randy Schafer (R)
Ingham County Commissioner, District 14: Robin Case Naeyaert (R)
Judge of Court of Appeals, District 4 (6-Year Term): Stephen Borrello
Judge of Court of Appeals, District 4 (Partial Term): Brock Swartzle
Judge of District Court 54A (Partial Term): Stacia Buchanan
Judge of District Court 54B: Andrea Andrews Larkin
Judge of Ingham County Probate Court: Shauna Dunnings
Lansing School Board (Partial Term): Nino Rodriguez
Stockbridge Village President: Molly Howlett
Stockbridge Village Trustee (Partial Term): Richard Mullins
Wheatfield Township Supervisor: Wayne Myer (R)
Wheatfield Township Treasurer: John Lynn Allen (R)

Eaton County
Bellevue Village Trustee (Full Term): Todd Davis
Bellevue Village Trustee (Partial Term): Robert Earl Miller
Benton Township Clerk: Jeana Rohrs (R)
Brookfield Township Clerk: Deborah Granger (R)
Brookfield Township Trustee: Marshall Williams (R)
Carmel Township Clerk: Laura Goostrey
Dimondale Village President: Ralph Reznick
Dimondale Village Trustee (Partial Term): Joshua Grab
Eaton County Commissioner, District 3: Terrance Augustine (D)
Eaton County Commissioner, District 5: Jeanne Pearl-Wright (D)
Eaton County Commissioner, District 8: Joseph Brehler (D)
Eaton County Commissioner, District 9: Brian Droscha (R)
Eaton County Commissioner, District 11: Wayne Ridge (R)
Eaton County Commissioner, District 13: Jim Mott (R)
Grand Ledge City Council, Ward 2: Rick Lantz
Grand Ledge City Council, Ward 3: Thomas Jancek
Mulliken Village Clerk: Cheryl Goodrich
Mulliken Village President: Dennis Kepitis
Mulliken Village Treasurer: Kelli Jo Waldo
Mulliken Village Trustee: Robert Kelly
Vermontville Township Clerk: Rita Miller (R)
Vermontville Village President: Jason Sheridan

Jackson County
Concord Village President: Jeremiah Bush
Grass Lake Township Trustee: Barry Butterfield (R)
Grass Lake Village President: Joseph DeBoe
Hanover Township Supervisor: Jeffrey Heath (R)
Hanover Township Treasurer: Tim Evans (R)
Hanover Township Trustee: Jason Dorian (R)
Hanover Village Clerk: Sharla Schuette
Hanover Village Treasurer: Penny Canales
Jackson County Commissioner, District 1: Tony Blair (R)
Jackson County Commissioner, District 4: Philip Duckham (R)
Jackson County Commissioner, District 5: James Shotwell, Jr. (R)
Jackson County Commissioner, District 7: Daniel Mahoney (D)
Napolean Township Clerk: John Hummer (R)
Parma Township Treasurer: Sheila Dermyer (R)
Parma Village Clerk: Joanne Havican
Parma Village President: James Jenkins
Parma Village Treasurer: Christine Hammond
Parma Village Trustee: Richard Cooper
Springport Village President: Gordon Webb
Springport Village Treasurer: Laura Bartley
Springport Village Trustee (4-Year Term): Jason Bartley

Clinton County
Bingham Township Supervisor: Eric Slim (R)
Bingham Township Trustee: Eric Harger (R)
Clinton County Commissioner, District 1: Kam Washburn (R)
Clinton County Commissioner, District 2: David Pohl (R)
Clinton County Commissioner, District 5: Robert Showers (R)
Clinton County Commissioner, District 7: Adam Stacey (R)
DeWitt Mayor: Susan Leeming
Eagle Village Clerk: Laurie Zoll
Eagle Village President: Paul Bruder
Fowler Village President: Vernon Thelen
Hubbardstown Village President: Douglas Schafer
Judge of Clinton County Probate Court: Lisa Sullivan (I)
Ovid-Elsie School Board (Partial Term): Stacie Rulison
Pewamo-Westphalia School Board (Partial Term): Kathy Wood
Portland School Board (2-Year Term): Kathy Foote
Portland School Board (4-Year Term): Douglas Logel, Jr.
Victor Township Clerk: Byron Prange (R)
Watertown Township Trustee: Holly Madill (R)
Westphalia Village President: Dean Kohagen

Hillsdale County
Cambria Township Supervisor: Glenn Frobel (R)
Cambria Township Trustee: Joel Bowers (R)
Camden Village President: Bryan Arno
Hillsdale County Commissioner, District 1: Ruth Brown (R)
Hillsdale County Commissioner, District 2: Julie Games (R)
Hillsdale County Commissioner, District 3: Mark Wiley (R)
Hillsdale County Commissioner, District 4: Bruce Caswell (R)
Hillsdale County Commissioner, District 5: Tim Shaw (R)
Jonesville City Council (2-Year Term): Delesha Padula
Jonesville Mayor: Gerald Arno
Montgomery Village President: Richard Beem
Montgomery Village Trustee: Angela Fowler
North Adams Village President: Richard Beach
Pittsford Township Library Board Director: Kristina Saunders
Reading Township Clerk: Kathy Flaugher (R)
Waldron Village President: Leo Burress
Waldron Village Treasurer: Keri Burress
Wheatland Township Supervisor: David Stone (R)
Wheatland Township Trustee: John Reed (R)

Branch County
Coldwater School Board (Partial Term): Jeffrey Holbrook
Judge of Branch County Probate Court: Kirk Kashian
Quincy Village Trustee (Partial Term): Wendy Salyer

Barry County
Barry County Commissioner, District 2: Dan Parker (R)
Barry County Commissioner, District 7: Heather Lynn Wing (R)
Freeport Village Clerk: Shawna Hill
Freeport Village President: Bill Andrews
Freeport Village Trustee: John Raymond
Hastings Board of Review: Donald Tubbs
Hastings City Council, Ward 1: Therese Maupin-Moore
Hastings City Council, Ward 3: Don Smith
Middleville Village President: Charles Pullen
Nashville Village Trustee (Partial Term): Tanett Hodge
Prairieville Township Parks Board: Judith Risdon
Rutland Township Trustee: Matt Spencer (R)
Thornapple Township Trustee: Curtis Campbell (R)
Woodland Village Mayor: Ronald Martin
Yankee Springs Township Trustee: Larry Knowles (R)

Shiawassee County
Byron Village Council (Partial Term): Bob Campbell
Byron Village President: Anthony Prestonise
Corunna City Council, Ward 1: Helen Ann Granger
Corunna Mayor: Charles Kerridge
Durand City Council (At-Large): Rich Folaron
Durand City Council, Precinct 1: Constance Cobley
Durand City Council, Precinct 2: Kenneth McDonough, Jr.
Fowlerville District Library Board (Partial Term): Diana Woods
Laingsburg Mayor: Michael Culpepper
Lennon Village Clerk: Geraldine Terry
Lennon Village President: Barbara Baker-Omerod
Lennon Village Treasurer: Larry Widigan
Lennon Village Trustee (Partial Term): Keith St. Clair
Morrice Village Council: Phyllis Dickerson
Morrice Village President: Harold Dickerson
New Lothrop Village Clerk: Karen Maksimchuk
New Lothrop Village President: John Maksimchuk, Jr.
New Lothrop Village Treasurer: Terry Tate
Perry Mayor: James Huguelet
Rush Township Clerk: Lois Walker (R)
Rush Township Treasurer: Samantha Santrucek (R)
Scotia Township Trustee: Vaughn Vondrasek
Shiawassee County Commissioner, District 4: Brandon Marks (R)
Shiawassee County Commissioner, District 5: Jeremy Root (R)
Shiawassee County Commissioner, District 7: John Plowman (R)
Vernon Village President: Matt Kimmer
Woodhull Township Clerk: Elaine Curtis (R)
Woodhull Township Park Commissioner: Sheila Mendel (D)

Calhoun County
Albion City Council, Precinct 2: Lenn Reid
Albion City Council, Precinct 6: Shane Williamson
Athens Village Clerk: Bonnie Conant
Athens Village President: Michael Alverson
Athens Village Treasurer: Anita Shoup
Burlington Village President: Robert Weaver, Jr.
Calhoun County Commissioner, District 5: Derek King (R)
Calhoun County Commissioner, District 6: Tommy Miller (R)
Convis Township Trustee: Ryan Harvey (R)
Emmett Township Treasurer: Rachelle Myers (R)
Fredonia Township Treasurer: Paul Andrew Baranowski (R)
Homer Township Treasurer: DeNell Nelson (R)
Homer Village Library Board Director: Isabell Nazar
Homer Village President: Brent Michael
Marshall City Council, Ward 1: Scott Wolfersberger
Marshall City Council, Ward 3: Jacob Gates
Marshall City Council, Ward 5: Ryan Underhill
Tekonsha Township Clerk: Craig Clark (R)
Tekonsha Township Library Board Director: Joyce Shaffer
Tekonsha Village Clerk: Debra Taylor
Tekonsha Village President: Thomas Bowling
Tekonsha Village Treasurer: Rose Bush

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