Unclear when popular Popeye's sandwiches will return

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DELTA TWP., MI. (WILX) -- Good luck finding a Popeye’s chicken sandwich in Mid-Michigan. The national and local craze for this limited edition menu item continues.

Eric Bristow, manager of the Popeye’s Delta Township restaurant, said Tuesday afternoon he’s been without sandwiches at his business for a week and a half.

“There are none in Michigan,” Bristow said. “Every Popeye’s in Michigan that I know of is sold out.”

Bristow said the Delta Township restaurant at 4324 W. Saginaw Hwy. sold 40 sandwiches the first day they became available.

Staff members sold 40 the next day, followed by 88 the third day and at least 100 each day for the remainder of that first week, Bristow said.

Before Popeye’s ran out of the chicken patties, buns and sauce for the sandwiches, Bristow’s staff kept setting records.

Staff members had a day recently where they made nearly 900 sandwiches.

“They’re beat, tired, wore out,” Bristow said.

The Delta Township restaurant staffs up to 11 employees for each of its two shifts.

There’s also a Popeye’s location at 3010 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Lansing.

Bristow has some good news for customers eager to purchase the popular sandwich. He anticipates supply will eventually outweigh demand.

“It will calm down once (the sandwich) becomes a regular menu item and (Popeye’s national headquarters) runs with it for a while.”

When the sandwich is available, the Delta Township Popeye’s sells it for $3.99.

A sandwich combo meal with a side item and drink is $6.99.

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