USA Olympians Lindsey Vonn and Nathan Chen fall short of medals

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) --
USA Olympians Lindsey Vonn and Nathan Chen failed to medal Saturday morning in Pyeongchang.

Two-time American champion Nathan Chen was hoping to win gold, but the pressure and expectations got to him in the short program.

He wound up 17th and a shot at the podium was gone.

However the 18-year-old quad king did hit an unprecedented six of the four-revolution jumps this morning to win the free skate and soar into fifth place. He says it's all just a part of his Olympic experience.

"Performance-wise I was so happy to lay down a pretty solid long and unfortunately the short program didn't go the way that I wanted it to. Such is part of my Olympic experience and just take it as it as and try to learn from it," said Chen.

American Lindsey Vonn also struggled this morning, and failed to medal in her first Olympic event in Pyeongchang.

Vonn went too wide on one of the last turns late in the course after skiing a near-perfect run up to that point.

She finished tied for sixth place, and says her focus is now on the downhill.

"I'm actually happy to be sixth and not fourth. Fourth is I think the worst position to be in in the Olympics. But you know I have the downhill still and that was always going to be my favorite event for these games," says Vonn.