USA Gymnastics president apologizes for Nassar comments

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WILX The new head of USA Gymnastics is issuing an apology after she was criticized for comments she made in an interview about former USAG doctor Larry Nassar.

USAG President Li Li Leung told NBC's "Today" show that she, too, was examined by the disgraced doctor when she was a gymnast.

During an interview that aired Wednesday, Leung explained why she wasn't abused by Nassar.

"The reason why I wasn't abused by him is because my coach was by my side when he saw me. I was seen by him in a public setting," Leung said in an interview that aired Wednesday.

"So I understand what the setting needs to be like in order to ensure safety for our athletes."

Those comments upset several people including Nassar survivors who pointed out Nassar abused athletes even when there was someone else in the room.

Leung apologized for her comments shortly after the interview aired.

"I understand how my comment seems insensitive to the survivors and their families, and I apologize," Leung tweeted.

Leung said she hoped to meet with some of Nassar's victims.

"I cannot know all necessary steps to take until I hear their stories, and hope they will have a dialogue with us regarding athlete safety and well-being going forward," she tweeted.

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