UPDATE: Woman gives boys Power Wheel after theirs was stolen

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HOLT, MI (WILX) -- From heartbroken to happy, three boys are once again zipping around their yard in their favorite motorized dune buggy.

After getting theirs stolen, the two younger Henfling boys drive around in their new dune buggy, donated by a kind stranger (source, WILX).

We first brought you this story Wednesday, after a Holt family reached out to News 10 wanting to warn others.

After a viewer, who is a mother of boys herself, saw this story, she wanted to help.

"I felt really bad. And I said, 'you know what? I think we should give them, you know, his dune buggy and show them that there are good people out there,'" she said.

The woman, who didn't want to be identified, also lives in Holt. After she saw the story, she decided to give Colton, Kamden, and Blake her son's Power Wheel Dune Buggy Racer because he didn't use it.

"It looked just like the same dune buggy our son had and he's never really played with it much. It just kind of sits in the garage and collects dust," she explained.

She was able to get in contact with the family and brought it over Wednesday night, much to the surprise of the boys. The boys' mom says she just wanted to warn others, never expected to have the outpouring of support she got after our story aired.

"I'm still like...blown away. And then last night she showed up with it, my six-year-old and my four-year-old were almost speechless because they couldn't understand what was happening," Mariam Henfling, the boys' mother, said.

The boys referred to the woman as a "superhero" and picked her flowers and wrote her a thank you note. The situation went from bad to good overnight, with one dune buggy, three happy boys, and another lesson; this one, that for every bad person out there, there is also a good one.

"There's so much negativity, and with the stuff getting stolen we see stuff all the time in the news and around our area and all around the world that there is so much hate and negativity and for a stranger to care that much about my kids and their happiness...it was just unbelievable," Henfling said.

"It makes me happy that I can help someone and see them happy and see their boys happy with smiles on their face," the woman said.

The woman added that her son was "completely fine" with her giving the Henfling boys his toy.

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