UPDATE: Reason behind abandoned water found in Flint is revealed

Published: Mar. 27, 2019 at 4:11 AM EDT
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We now know the reason behind the stockpile of water left behind in an abandoned school building in Flint.

inside the old St. Agnes Building on West Pierson Road by urban explorers who recorded their shocking findings.

Turns out, it's not safe to drink or touch and that is why it's ended up there.

"I just wanted to clear everything up like hey we did several water drives, that water we literally could not give it out because of everything that happened to it," explains Kiara Wilson, a former employee of the Regents Academy.

The online school moved out of the former St. Agnes building in August 2018.

Wilson tells ABC12 they had to leave because of a water main break that caused the sewer line to break that left all of the water supplies seen in the video, sitting in about an inch and a half of murky water.

A cleaning crew did come in, but Wilson reveals they were told the building should be condemned. The water was no longer trustworthy.

According to Wilson, the owner at the time didn't want to pay for costly repairs because the building didn't have insurance.

"We had nowhere for it to go. You can't sit it out, we didn't know how to properly dispose of it," she says. "You know, it's a lose-lose situation. I hate that all the water went to waste, but we couldn't sit it out."

Prior to that mess, Wilson says they had been handing out the water. It had originally been donated to Northridge Charter School Academy who left it behind for Regents Academy when they moved into a new building.

Wilson estimates it's been sitting there for about four years now.

The murky water now gone, but the exposure to sewage and stagnant water still an issue.

Again, she wants Flint residents who are asking to know, the water was deemed UNSAFE to drink and touch.

It's unclear what will happen to it now.

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