UPDATE: Lansing will stop using city trash bags at the end of 2019

A Lansing CART garbage truck picks up trash from a curbside bin. (City of Lansing)
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LANSING, MI (WILX) In an update to a story wilx.com first brought you on July 3, Lansing has announced Capital Area Recycling and Trash customers will stop using city trash bags at the end of 2019. They will instead have to rent a trash cart from the city. The city announced the following prices Wednesday:

  • 32-gallon (2-3 kitchen-sized bags): $48 per quarter

  • 32-gallon (bi-weekly pickup): $24 per quarter

  • 65-gallon (4-5 kitchen-sized bags): $52 per quarter

  • 95-gallon + 3 bags (9-11 kitchen-sized bags): $56 per quarter

The bi-weekly option will only be available for customers with 32-gallon carts.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor says the carts will be safer for workers because they will be lifted by an automated system on the trucks. He also says it will keep neighborhoods cleaner since animals will no longer be able to tear open trash bags left at the curb.

City crews will be leaving notices at the homes of CART customers who currently use bags. Bag pickup will run through December of 2019.

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