UPDATE: Human bones discovered in south Lansing backyard

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- We're learning more about how human bones were discovered in a backyard in south Lansing.

A gruesome discovery made at a home on Lansing's south side that neighbor's say has a storied past.

"There's been gentlemen there fixing it up with their trucks and stuff, and then yesterday when I was getting ready for work I saw that there was a bunch of cops there," a neighbor said.

Those who were working in the backyard found the bones and called police.

"It was determined that they were human bones. So they have been collected and they were sent for analysis," Robert Merritt, of Lansing police, said.

Police don't know the gender or if it was more than one person buried in that backyard, only saying that they found "several bones."

Michigan State University's forensic anthropology team is helping.

Neighbors said there have been several people living there in the past few years and police have been there before.

"I've been like a part of this house for the past like 15 years and I just wouldn't expect... I know there's like drugs or typical thing in any neighborhood, but bones that's kind of scary," a neighbor said.

"Freaks me out because it could happen to me, anybody. Wish it could be a better community," Jason, another neighbor said.

An autopsy is being conducted and the investigation is ongoing.

Last August, News 10 reported that a mother and her son had gone missing from south Lansing, Danielle Steiner and Aubrey Hall.

Police said it's still early in their investigation and they don't know the gender or if there was more than one person buried in the backyard, but they're looking into all possibilities.

"We're looking at all aspects of it. From missing persons cases to a broad span, so you're going to wind up, we're looking at everything," Merritt said.

As in all investigations such as this, the Lansing Police Department encourages anyone with information call one of the following contacts:
Detective Trooper Issac Mills @ 517-483-6866
Detective Sergeant Troy Johnston @ 483-6867
Lansing Police Department @ 517-483-4600
or Private Message the Lansing Police Department Facebook page.

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