UPDATE: Dog missing as result of Holt house explosion found

Published: Sep. 13, 2019 at 5:06 PM EDT
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News10 has learned that Ginger, a dog that missing due to home explosion, has been found.

The explosion happened late Wednesday night on Jacqueline Drive.

Investigators say they need to get heavy equipment into a Holt neighborhood in order to figure out what caused a home to explode into flames.

Delhi Township Fire Investigators hope to have an answer to what caused the fire sometime next week.

A man who was in the home at the time is hospitalized at a burn unit in Grand Rapids.

We're told he suffered second and third degree burns.

The man's dog was missing as a result of the explosion--the dog's name is Ginger.

The people in the Holt community had been banded together to try and find Ginger.

One of the people involved in the search said it was personal for him.

"Our pets are our babies. It's just something I hope someone would do for me if my dogs got out or lost, and I've had the communities help before finding my dogs after they're gotten out before so this is something kind of personal to me," Dewayne Hannah, a resident said.

We are also told the animal is being taken to a vet to check its health.

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