UPDATE: De La Salle students charged

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WARREN, MI. (WILX) -- Seven students are facing charges following a hazing investigation at a metro-Detroit high school.

The Warren Police Chief says all of the students will be charged with assault or aggravated assault. (Source WILX)

The Detroit News is reporting that interviews during a follow-up investigation at De La Salle High School is what led to the charges.

The Warren Police Chief says all of the students will be charged with assault or aggravated assault.

On Tuesday, January 28, it was announced that no charges would be filed in the investigation at the all-boys school in suburban Detroit.

A prosecutor said it was because of a lack of cooperation from staff and families.

The controversy has rocked De La Salle Collegiate, a Catholic school and football powerhouse in Warren.

Police have investigated allegations that De La Salle players were hazed by other players with broomsticks.

Prosecutor Mike Wendling believes a "criminal incident" occurred, but he says he can't move forward.

Wendling says police weren't contacted until after the school's internal investigation. He says De La Salle also has declined to turn over documents.

In November of 2019, Warren De La Salle Collegiate, a Catholic high school in the Detroit area, dropped out of the high school football playoffs Nov. 1, due to reports of the hazing incidents by players.

Those students were supposed to be suspended indefinitely.

The Detroit News reported that the players did not cooperate with the investigation.

Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said the alleged hazing involved sexual threats made to football players with the broomsticks.

He said that once the police investigation was completed those findings would be forwarded to Macomb County prosecutors with a recommendation that charges be filed.

Dwyer said school officials have cooperated in the investigation that began after the school, which had won two consecutive state championships, forfeited a playoff game amid the allegations.

But he said 12 parents would not allow their sons to be interviewed and four others had attorneys.

An email sent to parents by Warren De La Salle Collegiate said players were aware of the hazing but failed to report it.

The school has only said the hazing was pervasive and more serious than what was initially thought.

In December, those families of suspended De La Salle football players filed a lawsuit against the high school.

The lawsuit claimed that De La Salle Collegiate unfairly kicked them out of school during the football hazing scandal.

The students who are 18 and 16-years-old, are minorities.

They were accusing the school of discriminating against them by suspending them but not 10 other white students who were also suspects in the hazing allegations.

The lawsuit said that the three students were offered by President John Knight to return to school if they named the other students involved in the hazing, which is accusing the school administration of trying to blackmail them.

Then, in January 2020, the students who were suspended were back in class, a lawyer said.

Attorney Paul Addis told the Detroit Free Press that a lawsuit against De La Salle Collegiate was settled. One student returned to school while the others were on campus the first week of January after missing school for weeks.

"All the kids are very happy to have them back. They've been embraced by all of their classmates," Addis said. "The parents are good. They're happy that this part is over."

Mike Giannone, who won two state championships as De La Salle's coach, is no longer leading the team.

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