UPDATE - Holt baseball coaching staff leave program in wake of investigation

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HOLT, Mich. (WILX) -- Four Holt Baseball coaches have left their positions because of what happened on the team's spring trip to Florida.

On April 12, 2017 WILX News learned that the Holt school administration had placed the junior varsity and varsity coaches on administrative leave pending an investigation into their personal behavior on that trip.

The investigation has been completed, and three of the four coaches left the program, effective immediately. That includes Varsity coach Nathan Potts, JV coach Joe Murphy, and volunteer pitching coach Bob McHenry.

The assistant volunteer coach Mark Roche was invited to return, but declined.

Athletic Director Renee Sadler has created an interim coaching staff who will serve through the end of the season.

The Holt superintendent calls it a lapse in judgement. Exactly what four high school baseball coaches did on a spring break trip is a mystery. All of them are out and the team is trying to move on.

"Just trying to step in and go with the flow right now,” Interim coach Keith Allen said. “It's a tough transition right now but kids are doing really well with it and as coaches we're just trying to mend with the players and you know make relationships with them and go from there."

Keith Allen has assumed the interim coaching job.

He says he's there for the kids.

Varisty coach Nathan Potts, JV coach Joe Murphy and volunteer coach Bob CcHenry left the team, just days after we learned about an investigation into something that happened in Florida earlier this month.

Whatever it was no one is talking about it.

When we caught up with the principal at tonight's game -- he didn't have anything to say.

Parents didn't want to talk either.

We even went to the coach's houses to get a comment:

We knocked on Bob McHenry's door but nobody answered. We went to Nathan Potts’ house, but his wife told us to leave.

And even with these questions left unanswered, the Holt High School team plays on.