"It gave me goosebumps": Local UAW weighs in on national "Solidarity Sunday"

LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Seven days of picketing, seven days of no new income, ans seven days with no deal in sight, GM workers like Winston Williams the standstill only enthused his drive.

“I am more convinced that we need to be here. I am more committed about being here," said Williams.

GM and UAW resumed talks Sunday morning. But with no deal in sight, Randy Freeman, UAW Local 652 President said now is the time to dig in.

“Nothing is more important than staying solid. Day 7 is going into the first hard week that we’ve had together. Next week is going to be even tougher as the days go on," said Freeman.

UAW members have been standing on the picket lines for over a week in solidarity during their battle for a renewed contract with General Motors that meets their needs.

Heading into a new week of negotiations, striking workers all across the nation banded together for prayers and encouragement in a unified move the UAW is calling "Solidarity Sunday."

“Solidarity Sunday is like a reset,” said Williams.

“It gave me goosebumps. We prayed together, we talked together and we broke bread together. It was very important,” said Todd Trout, Chairman for UAW Local 602.

Trout said the message was to stay "union strong" even as time goes on.

“It can get more stressful as the days go on but that’s what the union is about. That’s why we have a wheel. We hold hands we stay tight. We don’t let go and we don’t break that wheel. As things get harder, we get stronger and we get closer,” said Trout.

Jessica Davis, who works at GM's Lansing Grand River plant agreed.

“Stay strong my friends just keep bringing the snacks, we’ll be good,” said Davis.

UAW workers, families, community religious leaders and members of the community, came together to show support.

"We sincerely hope that these services provide everyone with a peaceful opportunity to come together to show support for those on the picket lines, and those who have been wrongfully stripped from their quality healthcare by General Motors," UAW President Gary Jones said.

UAW leadership says they'll stay on the picket lines until the day after a deal is reached.

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