UAW leadership releases video thanking members for their solidarity

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DETROIT, MI (WILX) - On Sunday, UAW leadership released a solidarity video for membership. The video features United Auto Workers Vice President Terry Dittes addressing workers on several issues.

UAW V.P. Terry Dittes addressing GM striking employees in a solidarity video released on Sunday, October 13, 2019.

Dittes provides an update on the current negotiations and stresses that the strike was a last resort in the union's negotiations with General Motors. He also reminds GM workers that their strike pay is being increased to $275 a week.

The United Auto Workers International Executive Board voted Saturday to increase the strike pay to $275, effective Sunday.

Finally, he discusses the ability of striking workers to supplement their income. He does remind all them that this can be done if they fulfill
their picket duty.

Before the decision to let employees work part-time, those who worked and exceeded the $250 strike pay would not receive that pay.

The UAW is still waiting for a response on a counter offer the union submitted Friday.

Dittes said Friday night in a message to striking workers that the counter proposal included all of the union's outstanding issues.

Issues include wages, job security and investments in U.S. plants.

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