Trustee says survey will be addressed

 View of the Shaw Lane entrance sign at Michigan State University.
View of the Shaw Lane entrance sign at Michigan State University. (WILX)
Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 5:33 PM EDT
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Michigan State is getting more unwanted national attention--this time over a

MSU students are planning a peaceful protest over the survey and the university's response to a report of a

found on a dorm room door on campus over the weekend.

Trustee Brian Mosallam said he's concerned that a survey full of racist and obscene language was sent out by a professor to students at random, but he feels like this is symptomatic of a bigger issue the university has to deal with.

"The bigger issue is that there are students from marginalized communities who do not feel safe on campus," Mosallam said.

The professor in charge said the survey was designed to be provocative, so his student's could study the response. He apologized and said he never intended to hurt or insult anyone.

One MSU student said he's happy the professor owned up to it.

"I'm glad that he was able to come out and actually talk about it and be up front about his intentions and what he expected," said Evan Morton, an MSU student.

But he still feels the university doesn't understand what minority students are going through.

"It's about the whole university understanding our point about just again what happened over the past weekend and what happened yesterday and the actions we took to make sure that as black students we feel secure," Morton said.

Morton said it's time for the community to work together to make the campus a safe place for all.

"More safety and security from residence halls and people within the residence halls, ICA's and RA's so now it's up too the RA's in the dorms to now rectify and make situations right, whether that means having (an) open meeting about to their residence on the floors or just having an open meeting just in general."

The MSU College Republicans denounced President Stanley for putting the Customs and Boarder Patrol agents in the same category as racial incidents.

Specifically, they're upset that he said the visit, and those incidents, "disrupted a sense of safety that should exist for everyone."

The group's spokesperson said an education visit by law enforcement agents shouldn't be lumped with racism.

"It's really unfortunate to see him comparing hard working members of federal law enforcement to unfortunate and tragic incidents of hate and violence," the spokesperson said.

The MSU Board of Trustees will be meeting on Friday morning.

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