Trump visits Ypsilanti Ford plant despite pandemic

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - President Trump visited a Ypsilanti Ford Motor Co. factory Thursday that had been repurposed to manufacture ventilators for the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his visit, President Trump approved of Governor Whitmer's State of Emergency Declaration for Midland County, thereby approving federal funding to be sent to help with relief efforts for the flooding in Midland County.

President Trump did not wear a mask in front of cameras during his visit because he "didn't want to give them the pleasure." However President Trump said he did wear a mask in an area of the plant Ford said was necessary.

The President said he wants things to get back to normal and thinks the country is very close to opening, although he also believes many states should be further along than they are.

"Now it's time for the country to open again," said President Trump. "I think you'll start with churches, I think you'll start with some other states that have been very resistant."

Trying to signal to the nation that life is returning to normal, the president had begun traveling again, with all of his initial trips to states that will be hotly contested in this November’s election. Campaign advisers have grown increasingly worried about Michigan, believing that the president’s attacks on Whitmer have not worked and that the toll the virus has taken in the Detroit area, particularly among African Americans, will prove costly politically.

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