Trooper saves newborn baby's life

Published: Jul. 24, 2018 at 10:55 AM EDT
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We have a follow-up to the story about the Michigan State Police trooper who saved a newborn baby's life in the parking lot of the Jackson Post. The baby met her hero again in a more relaxed environment. News 10's Marcus Dash was there to hear about Hanna Paielli's tense first moments of life.

Seeing Hanna's smile and her peaceful naps one wouldn't think that she almost died 3 days ago. Her father Andrew Paielli has calmed down but still can't comprehend that he almost lost her.

"I was afraid, more afraid than I've ever been in my life that I was going to lose my daughter," said Andrew Paielli.

It all started Sunday Morning when Jessica Paielli's water broke on the way to Henry Ford Allegiance hospital in Jackson.

Once they saw the baby's legs they figured they had no choice, but to pull into the Jackson State Police Post.

"Pounded on the door, nobody answered, came back to her right here in the parking lot," said Paielli.

That's where baby Hanna was born. The couple immediately knew something was wrong.

"When she came out, she was blue and purple, and not responsive," said Paielli.

Andrew called the police and State Trooper Ronnie Tucker arrived soon after.

"I remember repeating in my brain, please god just make this baby breathe somehow," said Ronnie Tucker.

Tucker had never come across a call like this, but he remembered his infant CPR training at the academy.

"Made sure she had an open airway, I started rubbing her chest to get some stimulation going, when she let out her first cry I almost fainted," said Tucker.

The Paielli's say they'll forever be grateful to Tucker for saving their daughter's life.

He says he just did what anyone else would've done

"I don't think we are heroes in any sense, I just think it's what we signed up to do," said Tucker.

Tucker wasn't the lone savior of Hanna's, he was joined by other local law enforcement such as the Jackson County Sherrif's office as well as Blackman-Leoni Township Public Safety.

As far as Hanna goes, she is out of the hospital and is home in Stockbridge. Great story with a very happy ending.

A Michigan State Police Trooper helped with an unexpected delivery on Monday.

A trooper was out on patrol when he received a call about an unresponsive baby at the Michigan State Police Jackson post.

A mother had gone into labor and gave birth to her baby before reaching the hospital.

When the trooper arrived at the post he found the baby with a pulse but not breathing. He administered life-saving techniques immediately and was able to get the newborn to breathe again.