Trojans still dealing with loss of coach

Published: May. 22, 2019 at 5:52 PM EDT
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East Lansing's Ed Outslay died Monday after throwing batting practice before their game.

The Trojans are using his death not as a reason to grieve, but as motivation to win.

"They don't get much better than Ed,": said Head Coach Mark Pendred. "He's such a giving guy, it was never about him...It was about the kids."

The Trojans boarded a bus to Holt to play a few makeup innings against the Rams. It's their third game in three days. and their third since Outslay died.

"Ed would want us to do this...His wife said keep playing...So I think this helps," said Pendred. "We all grieve in different ways, and there's going to be a point where we sit down and have our moment."

Outslay was a volunteer coach for the Trojans for 23 years, and a friend of Pendred's as well.

"He was my mentor. He taught me so much."

He spent over two decades of giving back to a team and a game that meant so much to him.

"He never wanted to be in the team photograph," said Pendred. "He would walk away when the photographer came."

Outslay's selflessness is something that Pendred hopes sticks with his players long after they graduate.

"We always want our kids when they leave to give back somehow, whether it be umping, coaching...The game has given so much to these kids and we want them to give back somehow," he said.

Pendred says Outslay leaves the Trojans with more than just batting and fielding tips: lessons of life and integrity.

"The things he's done, the things he's given, time, effort...A coach said he's irreplaceable. That's just what he is."

In 2003, Outslay won the ALFAC National Assistant Coach of the Year Award.

He was one of 500 assistant coaches nationwide to be nominated.

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