Trial date set for wife involved in love-triangle murder

A pre-trial conference was held on Monday for Bdour Al-Yasari, who is charged in the alleged love-triangle murder of her husband, Amar Al-Yasari. (Source WILX)
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INGHAM COUNTY, MI. (WILX) -- A pre-trial conference was held on Monday for Bdour Al-Yasari.

She is the woman charged in the alleged love-triangle murder of her husband, Ammar Al-Yasari.

Jacob Ficher, the man that killed her husband with an ax, has already been convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

It was decided at the pre-conference that her trial would be March 16, 2020.

Ammar Al-Yasari was killed in February 2019 by Ficher with a camping ax.

Ficher said he went to the house that day to threaten Ammar Al-Yasari and confront him about the abuse that his lover, Bdour Al-Yasari, told him about.

"She did want a divorce, but one of the things she discussed was how she felt in danger trying to leave him because he had threatened, on multiple occasions, that if she had tried to leave, he would kill her," Ficher said.

Ficher said Bdour turned off her home's security to let him inside so that he could confront her husband about the abuse while she was at work.

That's when Ficher said he realized that a simple conversation wasn't going to be enough.

"A discussion wasn't going to push him away from the actions that he was doing," Ficher said. "He needed to be scared, he needed to be really scared. I wanted him that scared. I wanted him to leave. Whether he ran to police or a different country, I just wanted him to be gone."

Ficher claims Ammar arrived home, saw him and swung at him, which lead Ficher to fight back.

"I fired off two strikes with my right hand which was holding the ax," Ficher said in court. "All I could hear was my heartbeat and I just kept swinging, and kept swinging and kept swinging."

Ficher struck Ammar Al-Yasari 24 times with the ax.

Ficher said he then found a bottle of bleach in the pantry and poured it over the body, and then left through the front door.

He also got rid of his backpack that carried the murder weapon.

Prosecutors said Ficher conspired with Al-Yasari's wife to kill Al-Yasari, however, Ficher maintains that Bdour had no involvement.

During his sentencing, Al-Yasari's sister gave a statement saying Ficher "destroyed our lives."

"He destroyed my life. He destroyed my family. He destroyed the kids," Vahraa Al-Yasari said. "Ammar he was a good guy. He never hurt anyone."

Ficher said he was sorry that his actions led to a man dying, and Bdour being separated from her two children.

He was also sentenced to pay $20,000 in restitution to Ammar Al-Yasari's family, along with other fees to the state.

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