Trash companies are making temporary changes

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 5:13 PM EDT
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Recycling and trash companies like Granger and Capital Area Recycling and Trash ("CART") company are letting residents know that their trash may not be picked up if they leave loose trash outside, or if its placed next to their garbage and recycling bins. The new policy is designed to make things as safe as possible for 'CART' workers.

"What we wanted to clarify is that additional trash or recycling that is sometimes accepted if they put it outside of that cart, will possibly not be collected. We're going to discourage people from putting that out so that the drivers don't have to handle that material manually," Lori Welch, Environmental Specialist for the city of Lansing said.

Welch stated that their partner, Simple Recycling, has canceled their collection of clothing and household goods until further notice.

"Lansing's partner in the collection of clothing and household goods, Simple Recycling, has suspended the collection of their orange bags for the time being. That is to be totally separate from the green recycling carts that the City of Lansing still services," Welch said.

Other companies like Granger are following suit to protect their employees.

"Regardless of how much trash you have, please bag it. And if you have our CART service, please, please, please put all your trash in the cart. The point of this is that our drivers do now want to have to touch your trash. We want to make sure that this goes to the truck and the truck does the work of putting that in. That is what helps keep our associates, who our number one concern is, safe and healthy," Charles Hauser, Community Relations Coordinator for Granger said.

The Michigan retailers association says employee safety is why stores like Meijer, Walmart and Kroger have stopped accepting bottle returns during the pandemic. Lansing is also suspending bulk trash collections until further notice.

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