Transgender woman arrested for taking pictures of women changing in Target dressing room

Sean Smith, an Idaho Falls man who identifies as transgender, was arrested Tuesday afternoon...
Sean Smith, an Idaho Falls man who identifies as transgender, was arrested Tuesday afternoon after deputies say he took photos of a woman in a fitting room in Target.(KOLO)
Published: Jul. 15, 2016 at 8:21 AM EDT
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A transgender woman is now facing felony charges after getting caught taking pictures of another woman inside a dressing room in Target in Idaho.

The dressing rooms in that Target store are unisex which means either sex can use them.

43-year old Sean Smith of Idaho Falls now goes by the name of Shauna Smith. Police say Smith reached over a wall in the Target dressing room with her iphone and recorded an 18-year old woman in the next stall. The teen was trying on swimwear at the time when she looked up and spotted the iphone. Smith took off after the teen's mother confronted her. When police arrived, witnesses identified the suspect as a white man wearing a wig and a dress.

Police were able to track Smith down by her license plate number. She was arrested Monday and charged with felony voyeurism. Police say Smith admitted to making other videos of women undressing in the past at Target. She says she did it for pleasure, the same way men watch pornography.

Smith's ex-wife confirmed she is transgender and began transitioning after their divorce in January. However, Smith was booked in the Bonneville County Jail as a male under legal name of Sean Patrick Smith.

Target has been under fire for a policy allowing transgenders to use whichever bathroom or changing room they identify with. Conservative groups say allowing transgenders to use bathrooms of their choice puts women and children in danger.

Target issued a statement saying it is committed to customer safety and providing a secure shopping environment through policies and training of employees. It is working with law enforcement in its investigation of Shauna Smith.