Toxic algae found in lake in Ionia County

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The Ionia County Health Department has issued an advisory regarding toxic algae in Long Lake, which is in Orleans, Michigan.
They want to remind residents to avoid the algae or scum that may be present on the lake. And to keep pets and children out of the water and from swallowing the water.
The water is being described as having a green sheen to it or water that looks like spilled paint. They may be clumped on the lake or contain flecks or foam.
Water samples were collected on Monday, September 11.
The advisory may change as more information becomes available, also, the amount of algae present in the lake could change quickly.
At this time, normal lake activities are still considered safe, like boating, fishing and swimming.
Toxins from algae can affect the liver, nervous system, and/or skin.
This type of toxin was detected in two of four samples from Long Lake on Monday. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality intends to take additional samples later this week.