Township supports $35 million bond proposal to fix local streets

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MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WILX) - There are 147 miles of neighborhood roads in Meridian Township and 30 percent are in poor to failing condition.

Tuesday night the Meridian Township Board reviewed a presentation with three options to repair local streets.

The first maintains the status quo which currently provides less than $600,000 a year for neighborhood streets.

Township officials say $3.5 million is needed annually.

A special assessment was also proposed where homeowners would pay the price to fix their own streets, $95 per month for ten years.

Board members are supporting a $35 million bond proposal, costing the average homeowner 1.95 mills over a decade.

That’s a $21 a month.

The bond proposal also cuts the current 0.25 mill levy, making the increase 1.7 mills.

The township board will meet April 23rd to further discuss the bond proposal.