Townhomes will be inspected after deadly fire

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - A new round of back and fourth Tuesday night over the housing code violations at a townhome where a mother and son died in a fire last week.

The chairman of the Lansing Housing Commission and Lansing's Mayor now trying to get on the same page. Mayor Andy Schor says the Laroy Froh Townhomes failed a city inspection in 2016, violations the mayor says still need to be fixed.

News 10 spoke with both the mayor and the Lansing Housing Commission chairman Tony Baltimore. They both expressed that their first concern is to maintain the safety of the residents --- and to address any violations that are not in compliance.

Lansing housing commission chairman Tony Baltimore says that although the Laroy Froh Townhomes did not pass a city code inspection two years ago the complex did pass the "housing and urban development" inspection last year.

Mayor Andy Schor says the issue involves two separate inspections with separate requirements.

Mayor Schor also told News 10 that city inspections at the Laroy Froh Townhomes is top priority and will take place within the next three months.

The mayor told news 10 it's unclear if the city code violations at the townhomes were connected to the fire.

Fire investigators have not yet determined the cause.